The Everglo brand was in development for years before being launched in 2004. Everglo is the brainchild of Jim Goldstein from Wingard. Jim and Wingard were instrumental in building the popularity and growth of Hypnotiq until Wingard sold that brand.

Power – There are many energy drinks on the market. Some have Guarana, Taurine, Caffeine, and any other imaginable ingredient. Many people were not drinking these at the gym, they were consuming these at bars.

It didn’t take a genius to say “why not have a liquor with the energy aspects already included. No mixing necessary!”

INVITE THESE TWO TO A PARTY AND ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN – EVERGLO is the FIRST liquor whose primary alcohols are TEQUILA and VODKA. The idea started with Tequila. Nothing screams party like Tequila. Unfortunately, many don’t like the taste of Tequila. Therefore, we needed to balance this with something else. Well if you are starting with the unbridled passion of tequila, you need to balance it with a cool sophisticated liquor. A fine, triple distilled vodka was the clear choice. The right balance of these elements is powerfully smooth.

NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS HERE – EVERGLO uses only the finest ingredients. We take fresh lemons and limes, which are washed, hand-cut, and immediately distilled into the vodka for a smooth distinctive taste. We know that if you give people a cheap product, you may sell it once, but if you give them a quality product, people will come back and order it many times.

TRIBAL TATTOO ART – Inspired by tribal tattoos and motorcycle art, Jim used the combined efforts of two talented designers (one in Europe and one in the US) to create the current packaging for EVERGLO. Jim met the American artist, at a poker game. After discussing the many cool tattoos around the table, the artist was hired by Jim. The European firm has done work on other Wingard brands (like Hpnotiq).

GREEN GLOWING BOTTLE – The glo is a unique process. EVERGLO is the first brand to use this on a liquor product. The green color proudly represents EVERGLO… the first green liquor of its kind.

Well now that you know the story of EVERGLO, POUR YOURSELF A DRINK AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!

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