Does the product itself glow in the dark?

No, just the bottle. We looked at making the liquid glow in the dark, which would have been cool, but poisonous. If we killed the customers it would really cut down on repeat business, so we begrudgingly decided against it.

Are there any more flavors or colors of Everglo coming out?

Not yet but if you have any suggestions, send ‘em in.

Can I be I Glo-Girl?

Shave that mustache buddy and we'll talk about it. Seriously though, we are always looking for fun, outgoing, people to be brand ambassadors. We get many requests so tell us why you would be a Great person to represent EVERGLO.

If I send in a photo will you put it on the site?

Yes.  The link to submit a photo is below.  By submitting a photo you certify that you have read our disclaimer (below), so we suggest you read it.

Disclaimer:    In consideration of acceptance of my submitted photo to Everglo/Carolina One, I hereby grant Everglo/Carolina One the right to copy, distribute, publish, display and otherwise use the photo and text for purposes of advertising or publicity.

I agree that the photo and text may be cropped, edited, electronically manipulated or otherwise altered, and that whether the photograph is used is entirely ours to decide.

I certify that I am the photographer and sole copyright owner of this photo and text, or I have the owner's permission to submit this, and I have obtained the consent of all identifiable persons shown in it for these uses.

I agree to reimburse Everglo/Carolina One for all damages and expenses (including attorney's fees) they may incur from claims based on their use of my submitted photo or text.

I understand and accept that use of any personal information I submit will be governed by Everglo/Carolina One's privacy policy, for which there is a link on this page. I am at least 21 years old and have full legal authority to transfer these rights to Everglo/Carolina.

All submissions are reviewed. We reserve the right to reject any entry without notification.

Click Here to send us a photo.


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